edinburgh city tours

We love our city and we want you to have the best, unique experience while in town.     

We appreciate that you may be short on time to see and do everything Edinburgh has to offer, so we have the perfect solution touring in our Mini Coopers, visiting a host of notable UNESCO and hidden sites while you snap away on your cameras and phones.  

With Mini Mack Tours, you will have the opportunity to see and do so much more than what is listed in any tourist guide book and while we may not be historians, our local knowledge of Edinburgh along with the inside scoop on what’s fun and interesting to do in the city and surrounding areas makes for the perfect day out.



Our private tours are a little different to most other tours in Edinburgh.  Each of our tours are led by two local brothers, Rowan & Andy Mackie who scoot around in Mini Coopers, visiting the hidden gems and local sites most other tourists don’t usually see.  We have a selection of tours for you to choose from, may it be a quick two hour tour or four hours with lunch or dinner, a trip to St. Andrews or maybe even a private whisky tasting in one of Edinburgh’s finest venue.  We eat at one of the best local pubs in town too with fresh ingredients, locally sourced produce and the result is a full belly and a happy smile. www.minimacktours.com


Get in touch today on info@minimacktours.com and let’s go for a ride!